St. Louis Varsity Volleyball destroys the Lutheran Cardinals!


Courtesy Photo

Before the league competition started, the Sharks won the Carson City Crystal Invitational.

Aaron Bowerman, Writer

The St. Louis varsity volleyball team destroyed the Michigan Lutheran Seminary Cardinals in straight sets on Wednesday Sept. 1st, night at MLS.

The Lady Sharks had a great night taking the first three sets to win the game. The Sharks were supported by an unusual amount of students who made the trip to Saginaw to support their team. St. Louis student athlete Craig Bebow stated, “The game had me on the edge of my seat…”  He added, the  atmosphere was unmatchable.

The first set was quite the blowout of 25-14 in favor of the Sharks. The second set started off rough with the Cardinals jumping out to a two-point lead. Luckily, the Sharks were able to pull it together and come out with an eight-point run. Yet, the Cardinals, not to be outmatched, dug in, and traded scoring while the Sharks maintained their lead. The Sharks were able to finish out the set with a nine-point lead of 25-16. 

In the third and final set, the Sharks started out a wee bit overconfident. After being knocked back down to reality with a deficit of  8-6, the Sharks called a time out. Korah Honig said, “We were a bit scrambled in the third set, but after the much-needed timeout everyone focused on the game and came back. What I love about our team this year is that we always come back. Even at practice if we get frustrated with a hard drill, we take a minute to talk and then we focus back in, just like we did in the game.” 

Reinvigorated and ready to fight, the Sharks finally established a favorable two-point lead. The game continued to stay close and competitive. With the Sharks up 24-20, Honig served the game and set-winning Ace. This brought the set score to 25-20 and the game points to 75-50. Honig had 14 kills, 3 blocks, 6 digs, and 3 aces for the night. Kierston Francisco had 15 digs, 5 kills, 4 aces, and 2 assists. Alexys Rodriguez had 18 assists, 4 aces, 10 digs, and 4 kills. Also playing that night, Haylee Davis contributed 6 aces, and Phoenix Shaw had 4 kills. The Sharks are now 5-0 overall.