The Real Argument of 2022


Autumn Mann

The cat graces the photographer with her presence proving that cats are better than dogs.

Autumn Mann, Editor

Forget the battle of the bands, this is the battle of the household! This is about who is better and who runs the house and no this is not about mom or dad or siblings. This is about an argument that has never been settled and probably never will. This is the war between cats and dogs! 

It doesn’t sound that serious, but there have been some pretty serious discussions at St. Louis High School about which pet is better and more loveable.

Now, how does one decide if a cat is better than a dog? Well, let’s get down to business. A cat is better because when a cat loves someone, it truly love that person. A cat chooses who they love while a dog usually loves everyone. Cats are very independent and they tend to thrive off of just a little attention and food! They are perfect for someone who enjoys a relaxing and chill time. Cats tend to love just laying around and tend not to take up as much space or time as a dog can. 

Although people will deny it, it has been proven that cats are more intelligent than dogs. Along with that, cat people are also more intelligent than dog people. 

According to, 12 Reason Why Cats are Better Than Dogs, “Research has shown that the frequency of a cat’s purr is the same as that used for therapeutic healing. It’s also been found that living with a cat can reduce the likelihood of their owners suffering from a heart attack.” 

People who tend to be more introverted, tend to be cat lovers because cats are more relaxed and tend to be more mellow than dogs. However, cats can be gross and grumpy! They tend to stay away from people they don’t enjoy being around, and they can be gross in the way they use the litter box. 

On the other hand, dogs can be better company than cats at times. Dogs are more likely to make people laugh and always put a smile on their human’s face. Dogs are able to keep people fit with the need of having to be walked and going to play. Dogs are full of energy and for a person like that, a dog is perfect for them! 

Many extroverted people lean towards dogs because just like them, dogs are social and full of energy! Dogs are definitely easier to train and pick up on commands quicker. Also, don’t forget dogs can learn really cool tricks as well. Dogs are also perfect for when you need a bodyguard and someone to protect you. According to, Compelling Ground on Why Dogs are Better Than Cats, “Service dogs can perform many tasks, such as therapeutic purposes, helping someone who is blind and needs a guide dog, or who has seizures and needs someone to be able to get help and alert others around them. There are dogs who work on farms, assisting the handicapped, and helping the police and military. There are many types of dogs and they all have different purposes that are beneficial to us.” Yet, dogs need a lot of attention. Dogs are time-consuming and they tend to have a lot of needs. They are also very hyper and can be overwhelming for some people. Some dogs tend to bark and make a lot more noise than cats do. 

Jazsmin Harbor, a student at SLHS, expressed, “I fully believe that dogs are way better because they are more obedient. But I love fat hairless cats too. I don’t really know. So if you give me both, I’ll be complete.” 

Another student Martine Wiggins also expressed, “I like cats more because they’re small and fluffy.”

But why not just have the best of both worlds? It has been proven that cats and dogs thrive together! People tend to love having the support of both animals. They can both be great to have and to love. So don’t fight about which one is better when getting to love both is the best solution!