An Inside Look at the Lives of SLHS Yearbook Editors


Rowan Harris

Hard at work, junior editor Mckenzie Smith browses the staff page to check for errors

Rowan Harris, Staff Writer

As the year comes to an end, things are wrapping up at St. Louis High School. Teachers and students alike are preparing for exams, athletics teams are ending their seasons, and the classic end-of-year activities, like the Silent Auction and book returns are taking place throughout the hallways. However, one big task still has to be completed – the 2022-2023 St. Louis High School yearbook has to be finalized.

Yearbook is a class offered at SLHS by Mrs. Reeves during seventh hour. All year long, the students in that class work tirelessly to cover different aspects of life as a student of SLHS. 

“It’s realistically a historical record of the entire school year,” explained Reeves. “We try to cover anything that students do whether it’s outside of school or inside of the school. We cover athletics and clubs as well, just to really get their achievements in there and kind of memorialize them in a way”

Maintaining the yearbook is no small task. Reeves has to send students to every sports game, every concert, and every big event to get photos for the yearbook. Inside the class, students have to pick and stick by a theme when it comes to the layout and design of the yearbook. Also, the proper writing of articles and captions is important as well.

Though the year is very difficult, Reeves isn’t the only one in charge. Several students help her throughout the year, and these students are known as editors. 

“The editors are key to getting everything done in the yearbook,” shared Reeves. “They’re the ones that have to look at a section from a broader perspective. They have to make sure the pages are flowing together and looking congruent and cohesive.”

This year’s editorial staff was composed of juniors Ava Frost, Myah Pitcher, and Mckenzie Smith, as well as seniors Payton Kuhn and Marlena Pestrue.

From the perspective of the editors, it’s no small task, either. As students, they have to balance all other aspects of their life alongside working dutifully on the yearbook. Not only is each student required to take photos at three events per quarter, they are also in charge of designing and writing their pages of the yearbook. As editors, this task is multiplied by much, much more. 

“As an editor, there’s a lot of work that goes into what we do,” said junior editor Mckenzie Smith. “You are not only in charge of your own spreads, but you have to work on and keep tabs on everyone else’s spread as well.”

As the year comes to a close, anxieties rise in the yearbook class. It’s a dash to finish the book on time, and to get everything prepared to go. “We’ve done really good this school year,” stated Smith. “When it comes to getting everything finished, we have been on top of things.”