St. Louis High School Band’s first Christmas Performance since 2020!


Korah Honig

Senior percussionist Conner Daniels plays the bass drum for the Christmas concert.

Korah Honig, Writer

The first Saint Louis High School Christmas performance since 2020 occurred Monday, Dec. 14 in the high school cafeteria. 

Middle school and High school students alike were all excited to be able to play for the holidays. Due to the coronavirus, the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders have never had an official concert. 

Senior trombone player Aaron Bowerman did an amazing job. He anecdoted, “This was by far the best conducting and playing that I have ever experienced in my long history here at SLSHS. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself this year and made the best out of difficult situations ”

Students and audience members alike were excited to finally be back. Years of unnoticed hard work can finally be showcased with the return of concerts. Ella Mader was an audience member. She commented, “I thought the high school band sounded really good. I really liked Abby’s part in “Sleighride” and everybody else sounded amazing too. It seemed like a lot of work and practice was put into all of the songs.” Abby Francisco had the iconic role of playing the slapstick in “Sleighride”. 

More performances are on the way with a concert in February. There are also many concerts in the spring including the Pops concert and many outdoor steel band performances. You can also catch the pep band at select home basketball games.