St. Louis Highschool is gaining a new extracurricular: Book Club!


Korah Honig

A student at SLHS prepares for book club as he reads a new book.

Korah Honig, Writer

Sophomores at SLHS Rowan Harris and Devante Nava were talking the other day about their favorite books and an idea struck them. They thought that there must be other students at school who love to read and who would also like to talk about it. Then they took their idea to Mrs. Reeves to start a book club. The first meeting was Friday, Jan. 14. 

Nava commented, “I’m, as a student, personally excited for the prospect of setting up a space for students who enjoy reading to not only engage in discussion about a particular book, but also find more people who share the same interest in literary content as them.” 

Abby Francisco was pumped after the first meeting. She said, “I’m so excited for the club. I’m excited about the turnout and the books that we will read. It will be a great experience to bond over and discuss books.” The first meeting consisted of getting to know one another and to talk about the goals and plans for the club in the future. The students bonded over their favorite books and genres and discussed maybe having a fun name for the club.

The plan for the club is to hold weekly meetings. They will all decide as a group what book they will read first and make a scheduled reading plan accordingly. The superintendent has agreed to order all of the books for the club members to keep individually. For this, they are all very grateful. 

Mr. Miller and Mrs. Reeves are the faculty involved and are both very excited.  Mr. Miller commented, “Mrs. Reeves and I are hopeful the club will give readers an opportunity to meet other readers to bond over books that are not required reading in high school classes. Ultimately, it will be exciting to see other students join the club and discover new worlds and ideas that they never imagined existed in leisure books.” 

There were roughly 20 students at the first meeting, and there are more to come once others get over their sickness and come back to school. Plus, it’s never too late to sign up!