SLHS Students react to new Sam Smith song, Unholy


Olivia Good

SLHS Student Jaszmin Harbor listens to Unholy.

Olivia Good, Staff Writer

As of Sept. 22, music artist Sam Smith, along with Kim Petras, released a new song titled Unholy.

Artist Sam Smith continued to post TikToks about the new song when it was supposed to be released on Sept. 8. Due to Queen Elizabeth of England passing away, Smith decided to postpone the song’s release date to Sept. 15. Then the song was finally released on Sept. 22 at exactly 1 p.m. 

The song is filled with a lot of different aspects. From heavy beat drops, to amazing vocals from both Smith and co-artist Kim Petras. With Smith and Petras’s collab just coming out, it has drawn a lot of attention. This song is Smith’s latest single and comes from his yet-to-be-announced fourth studio album. The song has also taken over TikTok by storm. Today, with over 385,000 videos made to the song, it is one of the most used sounds on the app today. 

According to Bee Elsea, “It made me really mad how long the song took to come out. I did not like how the song kept getting pushed back. In my opinion, the song felt like it was too short. I feel like if the song was a little longer, it would be absolutely perfect. In contrast, I did not like Kim Petras’s part of this song. In my opinion, the song would have been better if her part was not in the song and it was just Sam Smith. Overall, I really liked this song and I listened to it on repeat for the whole rest of the day.”

According to Natalie Lemert, “I have never listened to Sam Smith before this song came out. After listening to this song, I really liked the sound of Smith’s voice. The song had a good beat and really good vocals. With me never listening to these two artists before, it really opened my eyes to these artists. I really liked how these artists sounded together and how their vocals blended together and the addition of the deep bass drops. Overall, I am really glad that I listened to the song in the first place. I think it was a very good song and I really liked how it sounded and how the artist’s voices sounded.”