Is Bridgerton season two really worth your time?

Maria Puga-Trevino, Writer

The Netflix comedy-drama Bridgerton season 2 debuted Friday, March 25th. The eight-episode mini-series of season 2 involves the courtships of young individuals in the 17th century. To recap, the first season includes Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset on their journey through deceiving the odds of courtship stereotypes. With big social events comes drama; but, secrets heard or told to the wrong person, can inflect controversy. These problems are sought out by a town writer, who goes by the name of Lady Whistleton, who scours the premises unseen by others. The kicker is, that this mystery antagonist is obviously invited to every event in order to get the amount of information she has. Hysterically, this wallflower is right under everyone’s noses. Along with this story, many other side characters develop their place in society where they flourish into the next season. 

Furthermore, Season 2 opens up with a new courtship season. This season, in particular, highlights the events of newcomers and spot-lighted side characters of the previous season. These said newcomers strick quite an impression on everyone in town; however, this causes problems among the townspeople. Many of whom were shocked and surprised by the actions of these people. Sadly, the main characters from the first season only make brief appearances throughout season 2. On top of that, the season finale of the prior season reveals Lady Whistleton to the audience watching. However, during the beginning of season 2, it is said that she has a 10-month hiatus from writing. Until one day she picks up a pen and starts writing. Following this, the town goes crazy after Lady Whistsleton’s appearance, and her search party rejuvenates in the hopes of unmasking her. 

Abby Fransisco, a senior at St. Louis High School said, “I loved this season so much, it was better than the first! I even went to go buy the book because I thought it was so good.” 

Brooklyn Elsea, a fellow Bridgerton watcher, says, “I personally think this season was much better. All of the relationships were well sorted out, the season seemed well planned in general.” Elsea said that she looked forward to for is to come for season 3!