Fortnite season 6 and what it has to offer


Courtesy Photo Fortnite Battle Royale js an action packed game that many people love, and many more love to hate.

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

Fortnite, millions of people play it everyday including most of the St. Louis school’s students. With season 6 coming out around Sept. 20, players have to wonder, what does season 6 have to offer?

Caleb Noack, a routine player, is not excited and says, “It seems like Fortnite is on the downfall and at the moment season 5 seems bland.” Some students may feel this way, but most that play do not.

One big thing in Fortnite is The Cube. The Cube is a huge block that was introduced this season. It keeps moving around the map and no one except for the people at Epic Games knows where it is moving too. “I think The Cube is headed towards the bottom left corner of Loot Lake,” said Camron Troyer, a gamer who competes in Fortnite tournaments regularly.

All in all, no one really knows what Fortnite has in store for its players next season. However what all Fortnite  players have in common is that they all hope that season 6 will be bigger and better than all of its predecessors including epic new skins, emotes, a new gifting system, and most importantly answers