Top five best movies to watch while in the Christmas spirit!

Maria Puga-Trevino, Writer

There is nothing greater than the gift of relaxation, coming home to a warm fireplace and watching a Christmas movie–which is notably a good way to end the night. Christmas movies are traditionally known for religious, romantic, and transformative events. The fight between the best Christmas movie is undoubtedly an annual predicament amongst most households. 

According to, the following list are the top five Christmas flicks. Home Alone features the adventures of 8-year-old Kevin McCallister who was left home alone unexpectedly during the week of Christmas. Despite his tireless efforts of trying to take care of himself, two kooky men known as the wet bandits pull out menacing tricks up their sleeves. Coming in at number two, It’s a Wonderful Life, which is a story that entails the story of a small-town businessman. The businessman was shown by a guardian angel, the consequences he would bring if he didn’t exist. After his short-lived fantasy, he soon realizes his purpose in life as he had a great impact on the world around him. The Snowman (1982) ranks as number three as it tells a whimsical tale through not words, but through pictures, actions, and music. Screeching into fourth place, Die Hard, illustrates a New York City police detective getting knee-deep in an investigation of a terrorist as he goes and visits his wife in Los Angeles. Although Die Hard isn’t a traditional Christmas movie, it is loved by many around the holidays. In fact, the antagonist is seen wearing a Santa suit throughout the movie! Sliding into last place, National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation features Clark Griswold and his disaster-ridden family trying to make the best of Christmas in a cramped house filled with in-laws.

Alexander Hardy, a junior at St.Louis states, “I love Christmas movies! It’s a great way to brighten up anyone’s holiday cheer. My favorite Christmas movies are as follows: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Just Friends, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, Die Hard, and Elf. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic! Who doesn’t like a good Tim Burton movie? After all, he’s known for his spooky movies. To be quite honest, I like Just friends because Ryan Reynolds is a funny guy. And as for the other movies, I just love the plot of the stories.”

Jacie Burnham, a fellow Christmas movie watcher, “Alongside my family, I absolutely love Christmas movies. My all-time favorite set of Christmas movies is The Santa clause one and two. And as for the others, I enjoy seeing A Boy Called Christmas, Christmas Chronicles, The Grinch, Home Alone, and The Holiday.” Burnham adds, “I think my favorite thing to look forward to every year is having the hopes of a good new Christmas movie to come along!”

As it turns out, according to the SLHS sharks, the best way to spend a relaxing night is to watch Christmas movies!