Wearing plaid pajamas at school is cool now?


Autumn Mann

Adrianna Horton and Mckenna Ireland enjoy wearing their favorite plaid pajama pants during school.

Picture this, you are a high school student walking through the hallways and you spot dozens of people wearing pajamas. So, as a result, you look down at yourself and think, “Did I miss something? Is it pajama day today, or are these people just lazy?” Well, it has now become a popular trend to wear plaid pajama pants to school. Whether it is just out of laziness, or just a new school wardrobe attire, is a mystery to be solved. 

Mckenna Ireland, a Junior at St. Louis High School, shares, “I find this new trend very fun. I’m proud to say that I have indeed started to wear them more out of fashion, rather than out of comfort. Personally, I started wearing them to school on my own. But as soon as pajama day was a spirit day, everyone started to wear them more and more afterward. I’m sure that this is against the dress code, but what’s the harm of having a little fun? After all, it’s just pajama pants!” Ireland later says that she will proudly and continuously wear plaid pants when she wants to. She is looking forward to what is to become of this trend. She asks herself, “Will it, or will it not be a permanent sighting to see someone wear pajama pants to school?” Time will only tell how long this trend will last.

Lurking in the depths of the murky waters of St. Louis, Kaleb Knapik, a sophomore at SLHS shares, “First of all, I think they are super cute and comfortable. And most importantly, they are very convenient as well. It’s one of those items that you can style with anything really. I mean come on, they’re plaid pajamas. It’s too bad that they are technically against the dress code.” Nonetheless, Knapik is “pro” on the plaid pajama pants.

It is quite evident that the plaid pajama trend has swept through SLHS one way or another. Time will tell how long this fad will last, but with the looks of it, it will be here for a while!