Wanda Vision premiers on Disney Plus

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

Wanda Vision is a relatively new show that premiered recently, Jan. 15, 2021, on the Disney Plus streaming service. 

The name of the show (Wanda Vision) is a culmination of the names of the two main characters, Wanda Maximoff and Vision. However, what most do not realize is the name also has a second meaning. Straight from the get-go, something seems off. And sure enough, it is revealed in episode three, that the town, “Westview” has a force field around it, Which renders everything inside it under the control of Wanda. Therefore, the name, “Wanda Vision” is pretty accurate as we view the show quite literally from Wanda’s Vision. 

The show itself is depicted in quite a different way than any show in recent memory. Every single episode is presented in the form of a new style of television. The series starts with a theme reminiscent of the 1950s, and the most recent episode is in the form of a show from the 2010s. This, along with the genuinely thrilling, and occasionally humorous moments are what makes this television show probably the most different series on the air.

Without revealing too many spoilers, it is safe to say Wanda Vision is extremely creative and original with small, yet unexpected plot twists. William Wood shared, “I like Vision because he came from Iron Man and his powers are cool.” Vision’s powers consist of flight, hyper-intelligence, and a laser beam that emits from the time stone in his forehead. Wanda’s powers, on the other hand, consist of a wide variety of abilities. Her powers mainly rely on her emotions, allowing her to do some of the most powerful feats in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The television series will most likely spawn a second season, as the already-released episodes of season one have been received quite well. Who knows what may happen, considering the Falcon and Winter Soldier and Loki series are soon to arrive. According to Cameron Schoenknecht, “I would definitely be interested in watching season two.” It remains to be seen how well received the rest of season one will be, but if the current standings are anything to go off of, the entire season may be a home run.