This year’s Super Bowl commercials make waves

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

The 55th Annual Super Bowl aired Sunday, Feb. 7, accompanied by the infamous commercials.

The Super Bowl comes, as it always does, with a heap load of controversy. One thing that is almost never disputed though, is that the commercials are funnier than ever. Chances are if you were not watching the Super Bowl for football, you were watching for the half-time show or the commercials, and the companies know it too. The Super Bowl is well known as the most widely broadcasted event in the United States of America. So it stands to reason that companies are willing to shovel millions of dollars for their 30 seconds of viewing time.

With millions viewing, everyone has their favorite commercial of the year. According to Grant Bebow, “My favorite commercial was the Uber Eats one about Wayne’s World” Alexander Hardy elaborated, “Wayne’s World is both of our favorite movies, so It’s nice to see those characters coming back again.” Wayne of Wayne’s World is not the only infamous character returning though, Jake from State Farm also made a comeback.

The State Farm commercial entitled, “Drake From State Farm” stars Jake meeting his double. This double, of course, is the famous rap artist Drake. Drake is dressed as a State Farm employee, and is, “Drake From State Farm.” Dylan Luft shared, “I liked the Drake from State Farm commercial because State Farm is the best insurance company.” 

When the Super Bowl annually airs, these commercials are sure to fare well with instantly iconic and humorous moments starring famous actors in well-known companies’ commercials. It seems for the best that the components of the Superbowl stay as they are; an interesting game, a controversial half-time show, and amazingly creative commercials.