The app that monopolizes STL students’s time


Ethan Wilson

An SLHS student spends time accessing TikTok.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

There’s a new app taking St. Louis High School by storm, and it’s called TikTok. TikTok is an app formerly known as, which allows people to make short videos with music or any other audio played in the video. 

According to Robert Stockero, “I get on the app about eight times a day because it gives me something to laugh at when I’m bored.“ 

The app known as was bought by a Chinese company known as ByteDance. The app was then made into TikTok and went overseas to western civilization and is now one of the most popular apps ever. 

Mia Lawhorne added, “I never upload any videos, but my favorite type of video to watch are the memes.“ 

This app will most likely die out in the near future, like most do, but for now it’s here to stay, and the kids are so fascinated by it.