Here Lies Daniel Tate: A best-seller with a dark twist


Keegan Honig

Korah Honig enjoys the captivating read by Cristin Terrill.

Emily Harrier, Staff Writer

Here Lies Daniel Tate, a novel written by Cristin Terrill, is an amazing “who dunnit” thriller that opens the minds of young readers. A nameless narrator/con artist from the streets of Canada takes over the identity of a boy who went missing years ago from an upscale gated community.

“This book sounds really interesting from what I’ve heard, and I can’t wait to read it,” explained sophomore Joe Erickson.

As the plot of the story moves along, readers learn that the protagonist’s latest quest for a warm bed lands him in the role of a kidnappee who has been returned home. As the past of the real Daniel begins to catch up with the protagonist, lies begin to unravel, the truth of what happened to Daniel is revealed, and a secret love between two family members is exposed.

Anyone looking for a nonstop thriller with new twists ever single page should take the time to read this novel. However, the author could have added a bit more attention to the protagonist; his missing past and the fact that readers never learn the protagonist’s true name is kind of a let down.

Here Lies Daniel Tate is a really good book and it’s actually one of my favorites,” stated sophomore Brooke Barrett.

Overall, this novel was phenomenal and lived up to every expectation. Sure the novel had its downfalls, but the way the author was able to catch the emotion of the reader and keep the plot moving was fantastic.