SLHS Freshmen react to first set of exams


Autumn Mann

Freshman, Scotty Russell, studies hard as he feels the stress of exams.

Jaiden Dickman, Staff Writer

The end of the first semester is right around the corner, and with the semester coming to a close that means exams will be taking place. The exams for this semester will be split between two days starting Thursday Jan. 19, and continuing into Friday, Jan. 20. Exams are a very new thing for the incoming freshman. 

Making sure all their work is turned in and they are up to date on assignments and the topics learned throughout each of their classes can be stressful. Figuring out ways to manage this new workload can be difficult. 

Freshman Hayden Shattuck said, “ I feel a little prepared, but these being my first exams makes me nervous. The biggest change from middle school to high school would probably be the schedule of the exams. I think the exam schedule here at the high school is nice because it gives us enough time to take the exam which is good for people who like to take their time.” 

Freshman Aeralyn Leonard said, “I’m not worried about the exams, just a little overwhelmed with all the studying.Yes, the teachers did a good job this semester. My main concern is just making sure I don’t blank out and forget even though I studied. I think the schedule is fine.It’s just going to be a long day and challenging setting still and quiet the whole day.” 

Figuring out how to manage all the work load for all seven classes will be a new experience for the freshman as well. Many of the class of 2026 are less nervous for the actual exams as they are for the preparing for them. One of the newest things that the freshmen will experience with the exams is having all of the information learned throughout the semester on one test that makes up a small portion of their total grade. This does not occur in middle school and might be one reason for the freshmen to be nervous. The two-day schedule of exams allows students to study for their first set of exams and then the second set once those are finished.