Is crying good for you?

An SLHS student wallows in her own pity.

Olivia Good

An SLHS student wallows in her own pity.

Olivia Good, Writer

It is very common for students to feel overwhelmed in today’s society and school systems. These overwhelming thoughts can make it difficult for students to keep tears under control. Some people believe showing emotions can be a bad thing and make them seem weak. 

Yet, in reality, crying can be very beneficial for people’s health. Crying releases oxytocin and endorphins. These are considered feel-good chemicals that can help ease physical and mental health. 

Counselor Brittany Navarro thinks that crying can be beneficial also. Navarro commented, “Crying helps you to get out all the emotions you are feeling. The more you hold them in they can impact you daily.” She went on to talk about how crying helps release all of the different emotions and improve your mood. “Crying can also release endorphins and that can help you improve your mood and overall well-being,” said Navarro.

Counselor Terre Sura agrees with Navarro that crying can be very beneficial to students who are in high school. “Crying can provide an emotional release. When you have so many emotions built up it can make it very hard to focus on school work and other aspects of life. Crying can be a very good way to release your emotions and get out of your emotions. Crying can be an outlet, and once you let it out, it can make you feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders and make you feel better about yourself,” commented Sura. 

She went on to talk about how emotions and crying can be like a pot of boiling water. “When water starts to boil, it makes steam and when you cry it can be like the pot boiling over and releasing all the steam,” Sura said.

Crying tends to be a good release of emotions. When people keep all of their emotions in, it can really overwhelm them and can make it very hard to focus and concentrate on school work, sports, and other activities.