Is it still too warm to be celebrating fall and Halloween?


Rowan Harris

Student begins to wear flannels as the summer comes to an end and the chills begin.

Rowan Harris, Writer

The breeze is starting to bite a little and the trees are starting to lose their decorative coat of leaves, which can only mean one thing: summer has officially died. Most students have long accepted that their summers are over, and most are fine with it. However, some don’t know whether or not this means that it’s time to start celebrating the start of fall and the beginning of “spooky season,” which is the month leading up to Halloween.

Halloween tends to be a highlight for most students at St. Louis High School. Halloween kicks off the start of a hectic holiday season and allows people to indulge in some spooky fun. Some students enjoy the aspect of decorating while others enjoy dressing up. Other students like to go to haunted houses and watch movies and some just enjoy getting a lot of candy at once and having it considered socially acceptable.

However, the question remains whether or not the holiday festivities should start. “It depends,” stated sophomore Bethany Bowerman. “I think it’s okay to start now though because I love scary things, as long as they’re not too scary.” While Bowerman loves Halloween, she believes people should start to ease in the season and not immediately jump into it. “I believe that you should go slowly and not like, get started fully decorating immediately. We should get a little spooky.”

Other students believe that it’s time start preparing. “No, it’s not too early to start getting ready for Halloween,” remarked students Connor Hall and Maddison Riggs. “Dollar General already has Christmas stuff up so why is it taboo to start getting ready for Halloween?” continued Hall. 

Another student, Devante Nava, also agreed, “Honestly, October starts in a week,” the junior explained. “I think it’s okay to start getting into the mood for Halloween. After it’s over we can go into Thanksgiving and then immediately into Christmas. Why not start getting ready now?”