More deadly: Coronavirus or Senioritis?


Keegan Honig

Senior Taylor Marr kicks back and embraces her Senioritis.

Patrick Hanley, Staff Writer

The Coronavirus is raging throughout multiple countries, such as China, Italy, Germany, and the U.S. Michigan has now even gotten a taste of the coronavirus, with two confirmed cases having been reported in Wayne and Oakland Counties. Amid the hysteria going on in the news about this virus, there’s an even bigger epidemic going on at St Louis High School right now: Senioritis.

I will give you a basic rundown on what Senioritis is as tell-all as the name; seniors get a very heavy lack of motivation, they are routinely absent, and they procrastinate more frequently than usual. 

Now, the question of the hour: which disease poses a higher threat at SLHS–Coronavirus or Senioritis? I’d say that Senioritis has the upper hand on the majority of the Senior class right now due to the fact that nobody wants to come to school, 

Personally, I have found myself to become a victim of this, and have struggled to catch up on my missing work at the end of the first semester. I have the overwhelming want to stay in bed in the morning. 

Senior Trevin Robinson has said this about his own Senioritis: “I’ve been finding a lack of paying attention when I’m in class. I have a very low motivation to do any work and find it an internal struggle on whether to get out of bed in the morning.”

Maddie Greenup has been uniquely outspoken on this topic, saying, “I hate this place so much, and I cannot wait to get out of here. I try to keep as much distance from high school as possible.”