Halloween 2018 movie review


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Halloween 2018 movie poster.

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

After so many unfulfilling horror movies in the Halloween franchize, it was refreshing to see a movie in this series with a good cast, dialogue, emotions, comedy, and above all, good scares. This movie delivers on everything it needs to make a quality horror flick; some might even say that Halloween is the best horror movie of 2018. Tannah Nicholson stated, “I was so happy when I saw the trailer come out for this movie. I can’t wait to go see it. I hope it is a great sequel and it lives up to the hype it has created.”

To start, the cast in the movie was really talented. All of them played their parts really well. Jamie Lee Curtis’s performance was amazing, and she had the hardest role to play by far. She is still traumatized from her last encounter with Michael Myers, and she shows it all through this movie. Andi Matichak’s performance as Laurie Strodes Granddaughter, Allyson, was really good as well. She wants to have a relationship with her grandmother, Laurie but her mother won’t let her. The conflict really shows in her performance, and it makes her character way more human.

On the other hand, Michael Myers played by Nick Castle, who also played Michael Myers in the original Halloween in 1978, doesn’t reflect humanity at all. Myers still has the same type of horror that he produced back in 1978. He has the stealth, mystery, strength, cunningness, and lack of human emotion that makes him the perfect antagonist. Myers gives the audience a sense of fear which most usually feel because this could actually happen. That is why he produces more fear than most other horror icons.

Additionally, the dialogue in the movie was great. The dialogue has a lot of emotions including pain, fear, curiosity, and comedy. Curtiss’ script for her character has a lot of fear and traumatization making a lot of the conversations reflect on that. Curtiss’ character needs to always be afraid and angry because of the earlier murders in her life brought by Michael. Matichak’s dialogue with her friends shows the contrast and friendship they have for one another. She also has great dialogue with her grandmother who she wants to help, yet can’t because she doesn’t understand what her grandmother went through, and what she goes through every Halloween.

Surprisingly, the movie actually had some good comedy, which you don’t see in horror movies often. Rich LeDuke said, “I was surprised that they had comedy in this movie. The comedy was really good and made me laugh.” There were several instances that also made me laugh, and I appreciate the producer for doing that. Yet, when horror movies contain comedy, they need to know that certain horror movies can only have a little bit of humor before it is annoying to watch. Luckily, Halloween knew how much comedy it needed without ruining the movie.

Above all, the horror aspect of the movie was really good. The movie gives the audience almost everything, if not everything they would want from this movie. Halloween delivers on jump scares, regular fear,  fear of the unknown, and gore. I was always on the edge of my seat waiting and anticipating what Michael would do. In my mind, that is what a horror movie should do. However, if I had to dislike something about Halloween, it would be that it relies on jump scares a bit too much.

All in all, I really enjoyed Halloween. It was everything I wanted and anticipated, plus more. The dialogue, emotions, and horror in this movie were great. I would highly recommend this film to any horror movie lover. If you are wanting to go see a good horror movie, this is hands down the one you should see. If you don’t like gore or being scared, overlook this movie.