SLHS welcomes back alumni as the new AG teacher!


Autumn Mann

Mrs. Pennock smiles with one of her new students!

Bee Elsea, Staff Writer

Brienna Pennock was hired as the agriculture teacher for St. Louis High School Feb. 14, 2023. As everyone in the school knows, well-known teacher Mr. Bernia has left St. Louis High School. Mr. DeJong (Mr. Kuhn’s substitute teacher from the first semester) made a great return as he took over the role temporarily. As of Feb. 14, 2023, Pennock (Breezy), has joined the Shark family. 

Pennock graduated from SLHS in 2015 along with Michaela Austin. Pennock continued on to be an assistant high school track coach for three years before she took on the role of being a fourth-generational teacher at SLHS in her family, studying at Brigham Young University-Idaho. “We all had a very special experience in high school with very successful academic and athletic teams. We hope to help reunite the tradition and school spirit that we experienced while at SLHS,” Pennock said.

Pennock has been helping along the classes with Mr. DeJong so she can get on track with where she needs to be with her classes. So far, students have expressed nothing but happiness and excitement for this new teacher, as a new teacher is always exciting. “I was thankful they got a teacher on such short notice, since we’ve had such an issue with teacher shortages all around in America,” Juliana Meza said. Meza went on to say she has no classes with Pennock, but she has seen her in the halls and has heard great things about the teacher.

“I love Breezy so far. I have her as a teacher and so far she’s really enthusiastic,” said Kiersten Wenzlick. “I’m only here for a short period of time before I graduate, but I think she’ll continue a great legacy of her own as time goes on.”

Students and staff alike are excited for Pennock to bring the enthusiasm to the classroom that Mr. Bernia once created with both agricultural classes and FFA.