SLHS experiences serious threat along with the rest of Michigan


Autumn Mann

Student reads over the Morning Sun that touched on the threat at SLHS.

Natalie Lemert, Staff Writer

Saint Louis High School experienced a threat warning Tuesday Feb. 7.

The Saint Louis Police Department was notified of an active threat that was taking place at Saint Louis High School. School authorities were notified of the threat right away and responded saying there were no immediate threats. The Saint Louis police came to the high school and did a search, which came up clean and nothing harmful was found. Even though the school was clean, school authorities made the decision to not let anyone leave the school. Vocational and co-op students had to stay in the media center during the afternoon, and there was no off campus lunch. All the evening practices and activities still took place as planned. Emails were sent to parents to notify them of what was going on. 

Saint Louis High School principal Mr. Brock got on the intercom and notified students of what was going on during their fourth hour class period. Brock shared, “The most important aspect of our day will always be student and staff safety.  I am proud of the fact that our team worked in conjunction with the SLPD to quickly investigate and then communicate out to our school community on what had occurred.  Whenever a school has to make adjustments to a normal day, it is a challenge.  In our case, we needed to respond effectively and our decision to go into a lockdown helped us to keep everyone safe, and at the same time continue with our day of learning in all of our classes.  I am very proud of how our students and staff at the Shark Tank adapted to the situation and came together as one.  Go Sharks!!

 Students had mixed feelings about what was going on and most were concerned and wanted to be allowed to go home. Junior Josephine Garza said; “It was for sure a shock. I’m surprised we didn’t go into full lockdown mode. I felt unsafe and wanted to go home.” Senior 

Saint Louis High School wasn’t the only school that received this threat. Many schools throughout the state of Michigan received similar threats. Threats were made to Jackson High School, Huron High School, Okemos High School, Muskegon High School, and Nouvel High School. All the threats were fake and no one was harmed. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is working alongside state and local law officials to get to the bottom of this issue. Whoever they find guilty will face jail time and could be fined a significant amount of money.