SLHS Spreads the Love


Maria Puga-Trevino

Seniors pose in front of a “Spread the Love” display.

Natalie Lemert, Writer

Saint Louis High School is holding its first ever “Spread the Love” competition from now until Feb. 14. 

This new competition is sponsored by Gender Sexuality Alliance. Gender Sexuality Alliance wants to hold the competition in honor of February being Healthy Relationship month and also to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Healthy Relationship month is a newer idea because dating is also a newer idea. Prior to the 20th century, people didn’t really date. Courting was the popular way to be in a relationship. As women started moving to bigger cities for work, men started courting them. The month is focused more on romantic relationships. In order to have a healthy relationship people need to meet these five basic needs: survival, connection, significance, freedom, and joy. 

Every class will get a section of the hall to decorate, and every class is encouraged to participate. Classes are in charge of coming up with their own theme for their section of the hall. The goal of this competition is to encourage love, kindness, and respect for students. Final displays are due Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, and the winning class will get a dessert party. Gender Sexuality Alliance Advisor Mrs. Kaiser commented,”All the displays should be a reflection of love, kindness, and respect. Displays should be school appropriate and okayed by class advisors.”

Gender Sexuality Alliance member Curtis Brashaw expressed,“I can’t wait to see what all the classes come up with. I hope the competition becomes a tradition here at SLHS. Of course the junior class is going to win.”Gender Sexuality Alliance member Curtis Brashaw ladies

Kaiser continued,“I am excited for the competition. I love to see the artsy side of students. I love when our halls are decorated. I have walked into many schools, and the ones that I find special are the ones that are clearly student-centered. At my last school, they had a year long bulletin board decorating contest. Students were allowed to decorate their boards however they wanted. It was fun to see what students cared about. I am biased towards the juniors since I’m one of their class advisors. They are pretty motivated and already have a plan for their display.” 

It will be fun to see how each class decides to celebrate their wall. Remember the displays must show love and be okayed by class advisors. Good luck everyone!