SLHS Powerlifting team competed in its first competition!


Courtesy Photo

Avery Ellison captured mid squat while competing.

Autumn Mann, Staff Editor

 St. Louis High School’s powerlifting team competed in Millington Jan.27. Due to some unfortunate events, the boys were unable to compete. However, two of the girls from the team were able to put their strength to the test! 

These ladies were Senior Avery Ellison and sophomore Carly Shattuck. Ellison placed 14th in the women’s weight class 155. Shattuck had placed 7th at 123. Ellison’s weight class was one of the most stacked classes of the tournament.  Shattuck completed seven out of nine lifts. Ellison went eight out of nine of her lifts. However, Wawersik believes that Ellison could have gone nine for nine if it wasn’t for the misload of her third bench press attempt. 

Unfortunately for the boy, when Coach Andrew Wawersik went to register them all spots were full. Wawersik expressed, “During the competition, I was very excited to be watching these athletes compete after seeing all the hard work they have been putting in this season. I’m looking forward to getting to see my male team compete at the next competition.  I know they are itching to get the chance to compete.”

“Carly and Avery are following a slightly different program than my guys are.  Carly and Avery have more time to prepare.  We’re going to work on Avery’s quad development and Carly’s initial drive off the chest on her bench.  My guys are in the middle of a peak right now since they will be in action on Feb. 11.  With my guys, their bodies are ready but we need to prime their CNS (central nervous system) so that heavy weights feel nice and light,” said Wawersik. 

Shattuck also expressed, “It was fun for it being my first competition. I did really good and I placed 7th.”

The SLHS Powerlifting teams, boys and girls, will be back in action Feb. 11.