What can be worse than a heartbreak? A first date!


Rowan Harris

Two students sit down as they recreate one of their worse first dates as one shows their Spotify Wrapped.

Rowan Harris, Staff Writer

Dating is one of the most recognizable parts of high school. Academics, sports, and clubs are important aspects of high school life, but the social aspect is arguably the most important. Making friends and going to parties make up a part of this, but dating is also a part of it too. A first date is an incredibly important part of any relationship, and making an impression is also important. However, those impressions end up making sure there won’t be a second date.

One mistake that many people make is getting too invested on the first date and pushing the other person away. Junior Olivia Good has been on a date with someone who acted like this, and it ensured the date was a one-time thing.

“So, on my worst first date, this guy and I went to the movies to see Top Gun: Maverick,” Good stated. The story seemed like the everyday date, but it very quickly devolved. “He was super affectionate and touchy throughout the entire thing, to the point where I barely got to watch the movie!” 

Movie dates are very common for the first date, and they’re pretty easy not to mess up. However, it seems the boy in this story didn’t really get the memo on movie date etiquette. “I really wanted to see that movie, too,” declared Good.

Other students at St. Louis High School have had their fair share of horrible first dates as well. Junior Curtis Brashaw shared his story.

“I went out to get ice cream with this guy, and he even gave me his jacket. Very chivalrous, you know, maybe chivalry isn’t dead,” remarked Brashaw. “After the ice cream, he shared that he rapped on Spotify with me, with no interest from me. This is the part where he decided to share several songs with me against my will. The good news is that I did get free ice cream! The bad news is that my eardrums are now irreparably scarred!”

Showing your date your Spotify raps probably isn’t the best choice for a first date, but this person most certainly chose to do this! Whatever “bad move” you make on a first date, not much can compare to showing your interest by forcing someone to listen to your horrible rapping skills.