Kerri Maniscalco wraps up her Kingdom of the Wicked Trilogy

Bee Elsea, Writer

As books start to rise in popularity, more are getting released and appearing on bookshelves. One of these books is a trilogy by Kerri Maniscalco, a young adult author who is famous for her Stalking Jack the Ripper series, called Kingdom of the Wicked. The most recent, and last book was released in late 2022. 

Maniscalco was born in Knoxville. Her first book established was Stalking Jack the Ripper in 2016. The book hit popularity as she continued the series with various different myths and famous people such as Dracula and Houdini. Her latest book just wrapped up the last of the trilogys. Kingdom of the Wicked follows teenage witch Emilia and her twin sister Vittoria, who secretly live among humans to avoid punishment for her witch ways. One night a tragedy hits and Emilia is faced with demonic challenges to get what she wants. Emilia’s problem? She does whatever she can do to get what she wants. The book progresses and she gets hit with consequences of her daring actions. The second and third books are called Kingdom of the Cursed and Kingdom of the Feared.

The books get more and more daring as it goes on. “I enjoy the risks the character takes in the books,” Sarah Corson said, “the romance is also one of my favorite parts of the book series. It draws me in and I couldn’t stop reading it.”

“The first book is a masterpiece within itself,” said Carson Butcher. “I would recommend it because the culture the author brings into the book is beautiful. I would definitely reread this series. Although I personally believe the second book is a little much, that’s just my opinion.” When asked if he could summarize the series in one word, he said “chef’s kiss.”

The book has come to an end with the releases, and readers and fans will forever miss it. The joy of reading books, though, is that you can always go back into the world to visit the stories whenever you’d like. Fans hope Maniscalco writes more interesting books and doesn’t just stop at Kingdom of the Wicked.