Clear Phone Cases: Cool Or Ew?


Rowan Harris

One student holds up a clear case in disgust at the color.

Rowan Harris, Staff Writer

One of the best parts of owning a smartphone is customizability. Phones already come with inherent customization, with lockscreens, homescreens, and even app icons and widgets being customizable on devices. Aside from internal customization, consumers can choose the brand, model, and color of their smartphone for external appearance and function. However, there is one aspect of customization that fully relies on the consumer buying another product – phone cases.

The style of a phone case ranges from a basic color to covered in stickers and charms. A very popular style of phone case is the basic clear phone case. This case highlights the natural color and model of the phone it covers, and for this reason it is very popular to consumers. Another appeal is that users can put photographs or notes under their phone case, and have them visible throughout the day while still protecting their phones.

“I like the clear phone case because it really showcases the original color of my phone,” stated junior Carson Butcher. “The original color of my phone is this cute green, and green is my favorite color. I recommend it, personally, so you can show off your phone. If you have an ugly phone though, don’t get a clear phone case. Don’t show the world your ugly phone.”

Clear phone cases might seem very attractive to consumers, but to some not so much. Some claim that clear phone cases tend to turn yellow or brown over time, and get more and more gross the longer they remain on the phone. 

“I think that clear phone cases are not only overrated, but they’re just impractical,” remarked junior Curtis Brashaw. Brashaw elaborated on his statement, saying, “My phone case has a burn alongside the edges closest to the screen, because my phone heats up. It burned my case and now it looks dirty and disgusting.”

Clear phone cases have their advantages, but they can be hard to pull off. These cases can highlight your phone and really make it pop all while protecting it, or they can collect dirt and grime and give your phone an unkempt appearance.