SLHS Varsity Basketball team goes against Nouvel Catholic Central


Autumn Mann

Josie Schrot takes the ball down the court while trying to dodge Nouvel.

Olivia Good, Staff Writer

The Varsity boys and girls took on Nouvel Catholic Central Friday, Jan. 13. The night was full of challenging possessions and left fans on their toes with anticipation. The girls’ team brought home the win. The boy’s team fought hard but unfortunately did not come out on top. 

The girls tipped off at 6:00 p.m. and right off the bat, fans could tell the game would be a close one. They came away with the victory 58-26! Josie Schrot had 23 points on the night. Natalee Hoyt had a double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds! Kerrigan Wilson added six points, six rebounds, and five assists. 

Junior Natalee Hoyt commented, “I really was proud of the team the other night. We did really well at working as a team. I think that ultimately led us to the big win on the night. I was pleased to be on the court with my team. We practiced hard all week preparing for this game, knowing it would take everything our team had. Nouvel is known to have a very strong team and we were ready for it. As a team, we did very well at swinging the ball around and looking for the open seams to score and add to our lead.”

The boy’s team fell short against the tough Nouvel team. Thomas Zacharko also had a double-double with 11 points and 14 rebounds. Josh Dew added nine points to the team’s score.

Dew commented, “Sadly we did fall short against the tough Nouvel team, but I think we really did fight hard and fought as a team. We tried different lineups and experimented with some different plays, and mixed up our defense and offense at times. However, we did do very well at moving the ball around and hustling between offense and defense. I hope our team can push hard these next few days so we can bring home another win so we can improve our record.”

The girl’s team will be back in action at the Shark Tank Jan. 17, against the Carrollton Cavaliers. The boy’s team will also be back in action on the road on Jan. 17, against Carrollton. Both teams are looking forward to bringing home wins and keeping the season rolling.