SLHS Book Club holds first meeting

Natalie Lemert, Writer

Members of Saint Louis High Schools book club held their first meeting of the year Friday, Jan. 13. 

Book club is a newer addition to SLHS with it beginning a little over a year ago. “Book club was started to bring together students at SLHS who love to read and talk about books. Mr. Miller and I both love to read, and we know that there are students in the high school who feel the same way. This allows us to bring those readers together, ” advisor Mrs. Reeves said.

This year Reeves and Miller have chosen to read the book Firekeeper’s Daughter. This book was mentioned in book club last year. Both advisors and some students have read this book and all have had positive comments on the book. Firekeeper’s Daughter  is written by a Michigan author and is set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

One thing that members of the book club do is travel to Saint Louis elementary schools, Nikkari and Carrie Knause, during March’s reading month and they read to elementary students. This was a highlight for members last year, and members will be doing it again this year. 

Anyone is allowed to join book club, no matter what grade level. The only requirement is that members follow the expectations and norms that the entire group works together to create. Meetings are held every Friday at lunch in Mrs. Reeves’ classroom. During these meetings, members discuss the chapters of the book they read. Members decide how much they are required to read throughout the week. Students are required to read and participate in group discussions.

Book Club member Sophia Denman said, “I am very excited for book club this year. I did it last year, and I really liked it so I can’t wait to start the book and have good discussions this year.”