SLHS Students react to new release by Holly Black; The Stolen Heir

Bee Elsea, Writer

Years ago in 2018, American author and editor Holly Black released the famous book, The Cruel Prince. The book became popular in St. Louis High School last year, along with the second and third books, The Wicked King and The Queen of Nothing. Black had a few novella books along with this trilogy, and therefore became a big hit within the fantasy young adult section.

Following along with this, readers thought Black was done with the series. Although it was upsetting, nothing can last forever…or can it? ThenJan. 3, 2023, Black published The Stolen Heir, the spin-off to the trilogy. The book is said, by the author, to be a part of the duology. 

This book is set nine years after The Queen of Nothing, taking place back in Elfhame and following the story of Prince Oak, the main character from The Cruel Prince trilogy Jude Duarte’s younger brother. Barnes and Noble is already on the case of the summary and reviews, as always and states, “Set nine years after the events of The Queen of Nothing, The Stolen Heir is the first book in a thrilling new duology that brings readers back to the world of Elfhame. Jude’s brother, Prince Oak, takes the spotlight alongside runaway queen Suren as they band together to embark on a deadly and dangerous quest.” The book seems to sound like it could follow the same vibe as the original three books, but that’s perhaps exactly what these readers want– A sense back to the world everyone missed could be what these students need to bring back the love for reading.

Students in SLHS are absolutely ecstatic about this news. A returning book to a great trilogy to bring them back to the time they had time to read makes everyone feel great. “I don’t have much time to read as of right now, but this book is definitely the first book I’m reading once I get the chance,” said Sarah Corson. Students agree with Corson, and there’s not much time to read anymore between sports and school. This book might really kick in to gear once the summer hits and everyone can truly read again.