St. Louis Wrestling hosts the Bob Threloff Invitational!


Autumn Mann

Colin Kuhn captured taking down his opponent!

Rowan Harris, Staff Writer

The St. Louis Sharks competed in the Bob Threloff Wrestling Invitational at St. Louis High School Saturday, Jan. 7, alongside many other teams in the region, including Clare. Clare won the overall tournament, but the Sharks took a close second place just four points behind the champs.

There were many wrestlers throughout the day who did well, but a few standout matches in particular were quite noticeable. Colin Kuhn and Alex Rodriguez were particularly spectacular wrestlers in the lower weight classes, and Martine Wiggins was also a reemarkable wrestler of the day. All three were champions of their respectful weight classes.

Other wrestlers also reflected on their performances throughout the day.

“There wasn’t a lot specifically that I think I did right,” commented freshman wrestler Drew Challender. “I think I didn’t do the greatest, but I think overall I did okay.”

But the pins weren’t the only thing affecting the team. Coach Kevin Kuhn commented on the team’s performance at the match, and how important mindset is in regards to taking wins.

“I think the team, overall, needs to learn how to keep their focus at an all-day invite,” remarked Kuhn. “Without coaches controlling their warm ups, or what they eat, that’s something our team struggles with, and it showed Saturday.”

Mindset and focus are incredibly important things when it comes to doing any sport, but especially wrestling. Challender also agrees with this statement.

“Honestly, the team really just needs to focus on staying off of our backs,” shared Challender. “That’s one thing. We also need to stay out of our own heads.” 

“An individual tournament is different from team duels. You need to get yourself ready because your coaches are always coaching with no downtime,” stated Kuhn.

While the wrestlers had their share of wins and hardships throughout the invitational, the team will still be active throughout the week and throughout the season.