Wednesday Season 1 hits the ground running

Bee Elsea, Writer

Wednesday, the horror comedy show on Netflix, was released Nov. 23, 2022 and instantly became a famous show with the viewer’s. It started to get hype when it’s trailer came out in August. The fans of Addams Family have all been excited for this show, and could not wait for this to all air in Netflix.

Wednesday is a Netflix show about the only daughter of Mortica and Gomez Addams, Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) investigating a murder spree going around her school, Nevermore Academy. Whilst investigating, she seeks to attempt her emerging physic ability throughout the show. She meets friends, potential-lovers, and some enemies, as the season goes on. 

This show has already passed the show Dahmer on Netflix, and is reaching to pass Stranger Things. This shows luck keeps coming, as the directors have recently released that the second season will already be released around the Christmas time of 2022.

So Jenna Ortega is playing Wednesday Addams? What about Christina Ricci who played Wednesday Addams in the 1991 adaptation of Addams Family and Addams Family Values? Lucky for the Ricci fans who wanted another taste of Ricci’s dark usual tone in her movies, the actress plays a side character in the show named Marilyn Thornhill. 

“I loved the show, it brought the whole tone I have always loved about the original movies!” Michael Hart said. “I can’t wait for season two, and to see what else they have planned.”

“Jenna Ortega did a fantastic job playing Wednesday, I’ve always been a fan of her works and how she portrays characters. She really brought the expectation of the character to life!” Said Sarah Corson.