St. Louis Bowling Team has been hard at work!


Courtesy Photo

Girls’ and Boys’ bowling teams pose together for a selfie taken by Coach Bernia.

Rowan Harris, Writer

The St. Louis junior varsity and varsity boys and girls bowling teams have been hard at work at the lanes all season long, and their hard work won’t stop with the start of the new year. The teams, coached by Matt Bernia, Cassie Thelen, Shannan Mitchell, and Cody Hartman, have been dedicated to bowling and taking wins for St. Louis High School.

The JV boys are currently 0-3, and the varsity boys have a record of 1-2. Alongside them, the JV girls have a winning record of 2-1 and the varsity girls stand at 1-2.

The good news about the bowling teams doesn’t stop there. Coach Bernia states that the teams are something to be proud of.

“Our athletes are some of the funniest, kindest, and considerate. We often get compliments on our sportsmanship at matches from other coaches, and that’s something to be proud of,” remarked Bernia. “There is an incredible bond on the team; everyone is super supportive and caring toward each other. It’s something special to watch them all bond over a victory, strike, or even laugh off a bad throw.”

The members of the teams, from freshmen to seniors, are also all incredibly proud of their hard work and dedication to their sport. Senior Dylan Luft commented on his time on the Varsity Boys’ team. “I’ve bowled for four years, and bowling is really fun. I enjoy bowling with both friends and the community, and it’s something I really look forward to each day,” Luft shared. “I’m very proud. We all work hard to get where we are currently.”

Hannah Bobzien, a junior member of the varsity girls’ team, also shares this sentiment.“I’m super proud of the bowling team this year. We have so many new students, and our team is double the size it used to be,” stated Bobzien. “The bowling team feels like a huge family who supports each other very much.” The teams also work hard on improving their weaknesses and keeping their strengths up, both on and off the lanes. “The teams get in our heads a lot and we need to figure out how to break out of it whenever we start getting down,” declared Bobzien, on the topic of improvements.

“We definitely can get in our heads sometimes,” remarked freshman Devine Francisco. “That’s something we need to work on.” Being a freshman, Francisco is experiencing her first year of bowling on the JV Girls’ team. She looks forward to it, much like many other members of her team.

The bowling teams are hard at work, and while their season has not yet ended, they have taken many wins and will continue to do so throughout the season.