St. Louis High School hosts annual blood drive of 2022


Autumn Mann

Senior Jacie Burnham after donating her blood and time to the Blood Drive.

Autumn Mann, Editor

St. Louis High School held its second annual Blood Drive of the year, Dec. 7. Many students and staff members were seen donating their time and blood for the better good. Even people from the community showed up as well. 

Versiti Blood Center of Michigan came to SLHS and set up the equipment in the gymnasium. There were multiple booths where people answered some questions while also having their vitals checked. The SLHS National Honor Society worked alongside the blood center to help donors get snacks and water. The NHS also accompanied donors to and from their seats. 

First-time donor Alianna Carrillo nervously expressed, “It was a great experience; it was my first time donating. I was very nervous and I felt sick. However, Jenna Abell and Laney Pestrue helped with distracting me and keeping my nerves down. Shout out to whoever made the cookies. They were delicious. Chef’s Kiss.” 

Abell and Pestrue are both members of the National Honor Society. Abell helped escort donors to their seats and helped keep their nerves down. Pestrue took photos for yearbook, and she also made food for donors as well. 

Junior Balin Kolhoff stated, “I feel good about donating. I personally did it to help get over my fear of needles.” So not only did Kolhoff do a good cause for the community, he did one for himself as well. 

Another Junior, Carson Butcher, also expressed, “It went a lot faster than last time I donated. I wasn’t nervous due to the fact that I have donated before.” 

Junior Briana Howard added, “I feel really great. I’m very glad I was able to donate my blood for those in need. If I could donate every day I would.”