SLHS Track Coach Jay Puffpaff retires from position


Coach Puffpaff smiles

Natalie Lemert, Writer

Former boys track coach Jay Pufpaff resigned from his position Monday, November 28th due to family matters. 

This decision was made solely based on family matters and had nothing to do with the school or his athletes. Puffpaff has been coaching boys track and field at Saint Louis for a long time. This is his first time since sixth grade that he hasn’t been a part of a  track team. He will still be running the winter and summer run club and coaching cross country in the fall. This will be a big change for the Saint Louis track and field team. Coach Puffpaff has been a huge part of the program and has helped many athletes succeed. Without Puffpaff, the program wouldn’t be what it is today. He has put his heart and soul into the program. 

Coach Holmes will continue to coach the girls, but at the moment, the boys head coach position is vacant. Coach Holmes will be running speed training this winter for any athletes wanting to join her and prepare for track season. Speed training is held Tuesdays and Thursdays meeting in Mr. Puffpaff’s room around 3:15 p.m. Coach Holmes is also extending the offer for athletes to run indoor track with her this winter. For more information, students will have to contact Coach Holmes. 

Track athlete Ben March commented, “I think that it’s good that Puffpaff is putting his family first. He is being the father he needs to be. But the track team will miss him because he’s the best track coach in the state of Michigan.”

Coach Puffpaff said, “This was an extremely difficult decision our family had to make. I have been blessed to get the opportunity to coach so many amazing athletes and young people during the spring. Our goal in our program has always been to help our athletes be the best versions of themselves and see success in all areas of life. I feel we have had success in doing this over the years. I am going to miss working with our athletes during the spring. I can’t thank all of my current and former athletes enough for their hard work and dedication to the mission. Moving forward, I know this program is going to continue to excel and have great success. I will always be the program’s number one supporter.”