What is the worst Christmas present to receive?


Autumn Mann

Curtis Brashaw gets the ick from Laney Pestrue’s present.

Natalie Lemert, Writer

Picture yourself sitting around the tree with your family on Christmas morning opening up gifts. You’re so excited, and you open up a gift thinking it’s going to be the best present ever, but it’s actually the worst gift you’ve ever received. So what was that gift? Many students at St. Louis High School had this happen to them. 

Freshman Aeralyn Leonard stated, “I’ve honestly never received a bad Christmas gift. I’m a pretty easy person to please. But I think the worst gift someone could get would be tomatoes. I don’t like them. They make me throw up with the texture of them.”

 Sophomore Bethany Bowerman expressed, “The worst Christmas gift I’ve ever received was a puzzle. I don’t like them; they make me mad.”

Curtis Brashaw, a junior, said, “I’ve got a Perplexus puzzle and socks. The puzzle was only fun for a day and socks are just boring and impersonal. Anyone can get anyone a puzzle or socks, but many people don’t enjoy these things. I for one am very particular about my socks, and I don’t enjoy attempting puzzles.

Senior Alex Hardy commented, “When I was younger, I was into a band called the Beatles. I’m not as into it anymore but every year someone gets me something Beatles-related.” 

Some people are just last-minute shoppers so they get whatever’s left which leads to bad gifts. Sometimes people get bad gifts because they don’t communicate gift ideas.. People just have to guess and they don’t always guess right. Others think someone is still in their childhood and get things people may have liked 10 years ago. 

It’s not fun to get gifts you weren’t expecting, but it happens to everyone. The hardest part of receiving unwanted gifts is that you have to pretend to like it. You don’t want to make anyone feel bad. Just remember it’s the thought that counts. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen to anyone this year, but if it does, put on your fake smiles.