SLHS You Group prioritizes student problems


Jaiden Dickman

SLHS Student Lucee Mikek sits down with Miss Navarro.

Jaiden Dickman, Writer

You Group is making a splash at Saint Louis High School this year. This new group for students will focus on helping them learn they are not alone when facing problems. You Group was created by school counselor, Brittany Navarro, and she made this group to help students come talk in a safe judgment-free environment. Each week the group will have different topics they will cover as well as the students being able to create and lead some of their own discussions. The members will also be able to pick which order they want to discuss the five topics: relationships, communication, self-esteem, and anxiety and depression. Miss Navarro named this group, “You Group” because it is made to benefit them. 

Miss Navaro said, “I think those who join are going to benefit by finding their peers also go through some of the same feelings and situations they do. Group counseling is a collaboration and a space for students to not have to feel like they are alone with what they are going through. Some might find that even just having a space to talk is helpful to them.” 

The goal of this group is to make a form of rapport within the group to help make students more comfortable with sharing their hardships. 

  You Group will meet Monday every week in the media center. More meetings can be scheduled if the group feels it necessary. Anyone is welcome to join You Group while there are some agreements that will be made between participating members as well as a regular routine for the group.

You Group participant Lucee Mikek said, “You Group has given me the opportunity to see that I am not alone. Ms. Navarro helps us to find healthy habits that we can use in our lives. I see others that think and feel the same way as me, and it gives me a sense that I am not alone and it lets me feel good.” 

The next You group meeting will be held on Monday, Nov. 21, in the high school Media center.