Sharkscene Staff shares what they are thankful for this year!

Shark Scene Staff, Writer

Tyson Head:

This year I’m very thankful for the fact that I made it this far in life. Through all my trials and tribulations, I’ve never faltered and my hard work has paid off. My future has never looked brighter, and I owe it all to the kindness of friends and family alike. I’ve spent my years on this planet marinating in the fruits of my own and others’ labors. Up until this point, I’ve thoroughly reaped what I’ve sewn, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the aid of Christ.

Jaiden Dickman:

I am thankful for many things in my life, and Thanksgiving is a good time to remember all of these things. A few things I am thankful for are my family and friends. I am thankful for them because they support me in everything I do. I am also thankful for all of my coaches and teammates who help me with my running. There are many things to be thankful for all around us, and Thanksgiving helps bring light to all of these things and show our gratitude. 

Autumn Mann:

In all honesty, Thanksgiving to me isn’t that important. It’s my least favorite holiday of the year. I don’t mind seeing my family. I love them dearly but getting all together at once, just isn’t my cup of tea. However, I’m thankful for all of my friends and family members. My family doesn’t have any real traditions. My mom, my brother, and I usually go to visit my grandparents along with my aunt and uncle. My favorite food that comes along with Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes hands down the best food of all time. I really do hate Thanksgiving. This year, I just plan on working. My family is visiting my grandparents this weekend due to my grandpa having surgery this month so we will be celebrating Thanksgiving early this year. Thanksgiving isn’t really that enjoyable for me, but I’m grateful for all the people in my life. 

Bee Elsea:

Thanksgiving doesn’t mean much but a break in life to me. I’ve slowly begun to genuinely dislike Thanksgiving. Since I was a toddler, I would go with my family to my great-grandmothers and we would celebrate with my extended family that I didn’t get to see all the time. A few years ago she passed, so we no longer do this. We changed the tradition of going to my grandfather’s, who passed this year. His death took a toll on me, and this year will be our first Thanksgiving and Christmas without him, so I’m not particularly excited for Thanksgiving, but I am thankful for my family.

Rowan Harris:

Personally, I believe that Thanksgiving is a time for bonding with family and friends. It’s a nice, casual holiday between two really high-strung commercial holidays. You can just meet up with family and friends and enjoy some delicious food together. In my family, we always have a turkey dinner, but the side dishes rotate each year. We also decorate and put up lots of fall-themed items. This year at the Thanksgiving table, I know what I’m going to be thankful for. I’m incredibly thankful for all my friends. They’re amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better friend group. I’d also like to say I’m thankful for my wonderful boyfriend, and I’m also thankful for all my opportunities this school year. I’ve had such a good school year so far, and I’m hoping to keep my grades up!

Olivia Good:

Thanksgiving is all about family to me. The holiday means gathering with your family and feeling close to your family. I am thankful for my family and friends. All of these people are always there for me and by my side. My family loves me no matter what and always supports me with all the decisions I choose to make. My friends always put a smile on my face and make life worth living. My traditions include having dinner with all sides of my family and watching football. 

Maria Puga-Trevino:

In my opinion, Thanksgiving isn’t really as important to me as it is to others. Of course I am grateful for the things that I have and family and friends that surround me, but Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite. Thanksgiving to me is when family and trusted friends get together and celebrate each other for what we all have together. In my family, every year on my mothers and step-father’s side of the family, we all change where Thanksgiving will be hosted each year. This year, my aunt and uncle on my mom’s side of the family are hosting a huge Thanksgiving party that I’m looking forward to!

Naralie Lemert:

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and remember how blessed we are. It’s easy to forget not everyone has the same things as us. I am thankful for everything I have, for my family, friends, and boyfriend. I’m thankful for my ability to run, and I am thankful for school and the ability to be educated not to mention a house and food!