Saint Louis Public Schools holds annual Apple Pie Day


Courtesy Photo

Saint Louis students make pies in preparation for the community.

Natalie Lemert, Writer

Saint Louis High School’s Sports Boosters will be holding its annual apple pie fundraiser Nov. 19. 

The apple pie day has been taking place since 1990. It is a fundraiser for our sports teams,  and all athletes are expected to go help make pies. Athletes make dough balls, put the dough in the pie tin, fill the pie tins with apple filling, make crumbs, cut off excess dough, and package the pies. Parents and coaches can help as well. 

This year pies will be made at T. S. Nurnberger, in the cafeteria. The pies can be picked up later in the afternoon by customers. Pies will cost $15 this year. 

Sports Boosters is projecting less profit this year due to lack of pre-orders. In years prior, 1,300 pies were pre-ordered. This year there are one 600 pre-ordered pies. This is more than likely due to COVID. There has been a decline for a few years now. Another factor of low orders is that the pies are more expensive. This is due to the fact that supplies are more expensive now. 

Sports Boosters does a lot for St. Louis sports.  From 2017-2018 to 2021-2022 school years Sports Boosters has contributed $105,946 to the athletic support. Sports Boosters purchases patches for varsity jackets, awards for four-year athletes and scholarships, uniforms, equipment, and in recent years one third of the payment for the athletic trainer. Saint Louis sports wouldn’t be the same without Sports Boosters. 

 “My favorite part about apple pie day is chopping the crumbs. You can talk to your teammates and it’s fun. I also like doing the cinnamon sugar. Sometimes I get yelled at but you just have to acclimate to the changes,” stated volleyball player and track athlete Kylie Acker 

Junior Natalee Hoyt commented, “I enjoy apple pie day. It’s fun to support our sports teams and hang out with your friends.”