SLHS Woodshop students and Mr. Maxwell created plaques for Veterans Day


Autumn Mann

This photograph displays the plaques and sign that was welcoming the veterans.

Natalie Lemert, Writer

Mr. Maxwell and his woodshop students honored veterans by making plaques for Veterans Day and volunteers handed them out at the school on Nov. 1, Veteran’s day. 

The plaques are a newer addition, and this is the second year the woodshop has made them. It is very popular, as they passed out 50 just in the morning. The signs are for all five branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. In order to get the plaques, veterans have to show their military ID. 

The process to make the plaques is very long, and woodshop students started planning the first week of school. They start by making prototypes then when the prototypes are made, they are put on the computer. The computer program “talks” to the machine and does all the cutting. The plaques are then painted and sanded. After all the hard work is done, they are passed out to the veterans. The woodshop made a total of 90 plaques. The plaques are American flags with the branch emblem on the top right corner and are fully made of wood. 

None of this would have been possible without the office staff. They decorated the front hallway and made desserts to be passed out to the veterans when those individuals picked up their plaques. Veterans could choose from cakes, brownies, cookies, and more. 

Woodshop student Josh Voories commented, “I like helping make the plaques and giving back to the community.” 

“It’s an honor to receive the plaque. It’s a great thing that the woodshop students and Mr. Maxwell are doing to honor the community. I picked one up myself,” commented veteran Mrs. Hanline.

The woodshop students are doing a great job to honor veterans and supporting the community.