St. Louis High School Band will be holding their annual Blues in the Night show


Rowan Harris

The band practices long and hard as they prepare for their concert.

Rowan Harris, Writer

The St. Louis High School jazz band, steel band, and steel band clubs will be performing 

Their annual Blues in the Night show in the high school cafeteria Saturday, Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. as a fundraiser for the music program. The performance is loved by both band members and community members and is known to be an amazing performance each year. Members of the community and the schools can pay $10 for a ticket before the performance (or $15 at the door) to see the amazing show!

One of the appeals of the performance is the fact that food is provided! Anyone who buys access to the show also has access to a wide array of delicious food, all cooked by the St. Louis lunch staff. Attendees can sit back and enjoy both a meal and a show, all for $10.

The bands are beyond excited for this performance. Freshman Hayden Mader, a first-time player in this event, remarked, “It’s probably going to be exciting for the people in the band.” The young player is clearly very excited for his performance as are the rest of the bands! These bands have been working very hard for months to perfect their songs for the crowd.

“It’s a really great experience!” exclaimed Noah Buchanan, a junior percussionist. Buchanan has been performing in the Blues in the Night program for six years, and loves doing it every year. “It’s just a really fun time to hang out with all the different bands,” elaborated the drummer. “Plus, the performers get a free meal.”

This performance wouldn’t exist without band director Stephen Lawhorne’s help, though. This long-running night of music has been a staple in the bands’ show schedule for over 27 years and serves an important role in the financial decisions of the band. Blues in the Night serves as a fun fundraiser for the entire music program, and money made from the event goes directly towards funding the music program. 

“It is the only event all year that we charge admission for,” commented Lawhorne, regarding the importance of the show. “We are usually around the 1,000 mark for the evening, which is great.”

The band has been working incredibly hard for months now to make this show possible, and the time is near for the performance! Community members and students will be allowed to attend, and tickets are only $10 if ordered before the show and $15 if ordered at the door.