Sharks Cross Country Sat., Nov. 5 at Michigan High School Athletic Association State Meet


Courtesy Photo

The Boys’ and Girls’ Cross team gather together after their big meet.

Natalie Lemert, Writer

The Sharks’ cross country team competed Saturday Nov. 5, at Michigan International Speedway for the Michigan High School Athletic Association state meet. 

The weather wasn’t ideal, and it was windy and rainy. This didn’t stop the runners from racing to the best of their ability. The race starts on the infield of MIS, and the runners exit turn two, where most of the race is done outside of the track before entering back in on turn three. Runners have a long 1000-meter finish inside the track. This is where Saint Louis separates themselves from the rest. The finish is where Shark runners pass and excel. 

Going into the meet, the guys were seeded fourth, but they earned third place. Ben March was 13th place with a time of 16:32.08, Landon Pestrue was 22nd place with a time of 16:37.61, Dylan Marr was 56th place with a time of 17:23.24, Alex Rodriguez 67th place in a time of 17:29.64, Colin Kuhn 94th place in a time of 17:46.40, Hayden Shattuck 145th place in a time of 18:15.69, and Dominic Gilman was 230th place in a time of 19:52.87. Ben March and Landon Pestrue were awarded all-state metals for their performances. 

The girls had outstanding performances and placed 18th. Jaiden Dickman placed 48th in a time of 20:24.45, Abby Dice placed 73rd in a time of 20:56.47, Natalie Lemert 167th in a time of 22:28.74, Laney Pestrue 174th in a time of 22:38.38, Payton Kuhn 186th in a time of 22:57.55, Aeralyn Leonard 200th in a time of 23:16.98, and Jenna Abell placed 231st in a time of 24:24.67. 

Coach Puffpaff commented, “Great end of the season. With the conditions, our athletes ran well and exceeded the expectations of others.” 

Senior Laney Pestrue stated, “I’m so insanely proud of how our team did this season. No one was expecting our girls team to do as well as we did and end up as regional runner-ups, so breaking expectations felt really great. It makes me sad that this was my last year as part of the cross team because they are such a great group of people. I’m so insanely proud of how both teams did at states, exceeding our projected places.”