The spookiest season at SLHS

Rowan Harris, Writer

Students at St. Louis High School are gearing up for Halloween! During the past week, St. Louis High School has put on a Halloween spirit week for students to show their excitement for the upcoming holiday with lots of students dressing up. A Halloween-themed movie night took place Wednesday, Oct. 26, in the gymnasium, much to students’ enjoyment. The festivities don’t just end at school, though, as many St. Louis students continue the festivities beyond school.

Freshman Noah Bobzien expressed his excitement regarding the holiday. “I find Halloween really fun,” shared Bobzien. “For my family, we usually get pumpkins. Pretty sure that’s it, usually, but this year we are having a Halloween party at my house!”

Another big Halloween enthusiast, by the name of Dom Girard, lurks the halls of St. Louis High School. Girard’s house is known for its extravagant Halloween display, which can be spotted right on Main Street south of the light. Ranging from a scary cemetery to clusters of haunted dolls, the Girard house is sure to delight Halloween fans far and wide!!!

“I love Halloween,”  remarked Girard. “It’s one of my favorite holidays.”

Students aren’t the only members of SLHS delighted by Halloween, though. English teacher Erin B.G. is known for her fun and festive outfits, and Halloween is yet another good excuse for her to wear something spooky! B.G. commented, “I have a couple graphic tees, which are specifically Halloween themed, one of which I will debut on Monday.” Students in B.G.’s classes seemed very excited at the prospect of seeing this new outfit.

“I also love fall clothes in general,” the teacher continued. “You know, jackets and sweaters and such.” This love for “sweater weather” is something that many students seem to love about the Halloween season!

From decorating houses, to wearing fun outfits, the Halloween season is loved by many at St. Louis High School. It seems that every student, no matter who, has some sort of wacky tradition or fun activity they look forward to during the spookiest season.