SLHS Fall sports wrap-up


Courtesy Photo

SLHS wrestler Coli Kuhn puts it all on the mat.

Olivia Good, Writer

With the fall sports season coming to a close, the winter sports are starting up and there is a lot to look forward to at St. Louis High School, everything from exciting student section chants to the celebrations from the wins at the Shark Tank.

There are multiple sports starting up such as girls and boys basketball, co-ed bowling, co-ed wrestling, and poms. Principal Ben Brock is looking forward to the winter sports season as well. In fact, he said,  “I am looking forward to all of our winter sports teams overachieving this season. I am also looking forward to another history-making season out of our wrestling team. Coach Kevin Kuhn has built up a program. The team is coming off of an “ahead of schedule success” season that they experienced last year.” He thinks a lot of the spirit that comes with these sports comes from the athletes themselves. “Most of our athletes have worked year-round in preparation for the success that we are expecting to follow. The winning mentality that we have in our athletes has been created due to a lot of sacrifice and hard work,” commented Brock. 

Athletic director Bryan Anderson is also very excited for the upcoming sports season. “I am very excited for a few things with the upcoming season. The main thing that I am looking forward to is seeing all of our teams compete and get better the next few months. We had a very accomplished winter season in the athletic department. I am excited to see our teams compete and overcome obstacles,” said Anderson. He is not just looking forward to one specific sport, but is looking forward to all of the sports. “I am very excited to hear the wrestlers in the wrestling room, the shuffling on the court, the shaking of the poms, and the bowling balls hitting the lanes,” commented Anderson. 

One thing that Anderson thinks is a very big part of the St. Louis Athletic Department is how there are opportunities to play sports for the youth. He pointed out that the elementary wrestlers will be on the mats in the cafeteria, practicing to compete at the high school level. Anderson commented, “We are building our program from the youth up, and I feel like that will be very beneficial in the years to come.” 

The start dates for all the sports are as follows: girls basketball, co-ed wrestling, and co-ed bowling all start on Nov. 14, while boys basketball starts on Nov. 21, and the poms season has already started.