New SLHS counselor awarded September Tireless Effort Award


Natalie Lemert

SLHS Counselor Miss Nevarro holds her Tireless Effort award.

Natalie Lemert, Writer

New Saint Louis High School counselor Ms. Navarro was awarded the tireless effort award for the month of September. 

This award is presented to one staff member each month. Staff members get the award for doing an outstanding job, but each recipient gets it for different reasons. Ms.. Navarro received the award because she has done a great job with her internship thus far.. Navarro technically isn’t employed at the school as she is doing an internship, although she does sub quite frequently. Navarro commented, “I hit the ground running and was willing (and still am) to be a part of the community here at SLHS and help students.” She has been doing a great job and kids really engage with her. 

Navarro is a newer addition to Saint Louis High School. She helps guide students through high school and is always a friendly face to talk to. Navarro’s favorite part about working here is, “I love being back in my old high school and being able to give back to the community and students. Putting my knowledge from grad school to work has been nice. The connections I’ve made with students has been rewarding.” Navarro was surprised when she received the award since she doesn’t technically work here.  She found out when Mrs. Sura congratulated her. 

Sura commented, “I am incredibly proud of her! I feel so lucky to get to work with Ms. Navarro. She has a natural way of relating to students, and she always puts their needs first. She is incredibly deserving of this award because of all the effort she puts into St. Louis students. She is a tremendous asset to St. Louis High School.” 

The trophy for this award is a mini tire that is tied to a string. Inside the tire is a little plaque that lists the recipient and the month it was awarded. It is currently being showcased on Navarro’s office door.