St. Louis High School experiences the first snow fall of the year


Autumn Mann

Student Maria Puga-Trevino freezes in the snow as she came to school unprepared for the weather.

Bee Elsea, Writer

October has rolled into town! Halloween decorations are up, and the spooky season has started. However, mother nature is a little ahead of schedule. Leaves have recently started to turn colors and fall to the ground, and the snow followed the leaves lead. October – yes, October – 17, around the fifth-hour at Louis High School, the first snowfall occurred. 

It all started with a slight rain that stuck around for days before the weather decided it was time for a change and began to snow. Although the snow didn’t last too long, it was still a shock to most students. The snow left as quick as it came, and after almost a week, it has yet to return to St. Louis.

“It wasn’t really a surprise,” said Michael Hart. “It’s Michigan. I’m more surprised it didn’t snow in September. I hope it doesn’t snow on Halloween. I was looking forward to a nice night.” 

A few other students agreed with Hart, saying they all hope this doesn’t mean snow will take over before Halloween even arrives. “It shows we’re transitioning into winter now,” said Devante Nava, “which is exciting for me because I love winter. In a way, I’m surprised that it came this early, but I’m not surprised in a bad way.”

“I’m kind of shocked to be honest, I did not expect the snow to come this early. I am excited though because winter is my favorite season, and I can’t wait for Christmas to arrive,” Sarah Corson said. Many of her friends agreed, concluding that many SLHS students love winter.

This brings to the end that there are many different ideas and opinions on the first snowfall of St. Louis, Michigan. Students will be waiting for the next snowfall and hoping it’s after Halloween instead of the day of.