Quizlet is making SLHS students angry!


Rowan Harris

SLHS student is shocked to see that Quizlet has completely changed.

Rowan Harris, Writer

Students in need of a late-night cram session have often used the studying app Quizlet to help memorize important information, but changes to the app might start chasing some students away from its services. In the past, Quizlet offered many resources for students to study sets made by their teachers or sets created by its users. There were many different free study modes for its users, including flashcards, learn mode, test mode, and a few games as well. However, updates to the structure of the study-aide are pushing people away.

Previously, one could pay for Quizlet, and get a better experience, though it didn’t change much generally. However, now the app has increased what falls under the category of paid content, and students are mad. 

“I hate it,” declared junior Myah Pitcher. Pitcher described herself as an avid Quizlet user, and she was someone who would often make her own study sets. “Before, Quizlet was like a place where I had all these opportunities to do what I needed to study. Now, though, after I take the test, I can’t do it again. If I do learn mode, I can’t do it again. I can only remember terms through learning and test modes, and now it’s so confusing to figure out.”

The changes to learning and testing modes were some of the biggest points of contention for Quizlet users. Previously, the two modes were completely free to use and could be used as many times as a user wanted to. Now, though, students often can only use the modes once before they are prompted to pay for Quizlet, or they can’t use the modes at all.

“I can’t study with these changes,” continued Pitcher. Pitcher wasn’t the only person upset over these changes to the once-beloved study app. Other students throughout the halls of St. Louis can be caught complaining about the changes to Quizlet. Senior Jenna Abell remarked, “The absolute worst thing about Quizlet now is that you can only take one practice test at a time.”

It’s very clear that these detrimental changes to the widely-used study app are pushing users away and most certainly pushing away the students of St. Louis. If the app doesn’t change back soon, it’s very likely that it will lose a large amount of its user base. Pitcher also stated that if she could tell Quizlet one thing, she would say, “Why are you like this?” which seems to be a sentiment shared by the students at St. Louis.