Saint Louis Business Professionals of America hold recruitment meeting


Andrea Biehl

2021-2022 BPA National qualifiers after winning their awards.

Jaiden Dickman, Writer

The Saint Louis Business Professionals of America school chapter will be holding a recruitment meeting Oct. 20, at lunch in Mrs. Biehl’s room. This meeting will kick-off the BPA season and help to get new members to join the club. 

BPA helps students build their skill set in the business world for later life. BPA is a club that competes in multiple competitions throughout the year. These competitions include many different events that can apply and strike the interests of many students. These events help to build speaking and communication skills for the members as well as many other valuable traits for the workplace. The BPA season consists of three competitions: Regionals, State, and National Leadership Conferences. Depending on the event and if it is an individual or a group event, somewhere between the top two to five performances will advance to the next level. 

President of the St. Louis BPA chapter and senior Laney Pestrue said, “People should join BPA because it is a great way to meet new people, build your resume and further your business knowledge. It is definitely the most fun club in this school.” 

  Curtis Brashaw, a BPA Vice President, said, “ You should join BPA because of the freedom you are given at state and how it allows you to experience new things. Some of the new things I experienced at state last year were going to new restaurants, meeting new people and furthering my friendships, and competing in my events. I love BPA so much that I am running for state office which is the executive council that directs the Michigan BPA.”

Ben March, a junior and returning member of BPA, said, “The thing that I enjoy most about BPA was the state finals and all the opportunities that went with such as being able to stay in a nice hotel, being able to try new restaurants, go to places, and meet new people,” 

One of the chapter leaders, Mrs. Reeves, said, “Business Professionals of America benefits our St. Louis members because they learn skills that help prepare them for college and