Two SLHS students traveled to Virginia accompanied by alumni Aaron Bowerman


Nate March

This selfie highlights St. Louis alumni Nate March and Aaron Bowerman on the left along with Ben March and Curtis Brashaw on the right.

Olivia Good, Writer

Recently, two St. Louis High School students, Ben March and Curtis Brashaw, accompanied by alumni Aaron Bowerman traveled over state lines with one purpose: to meet up with Ben’s older brother and St. Louis alumni Nate March in Virginia. Nate’s currently stationed there for AIT training, or hands-on combat training, for the National Guard. The travelers stayed at Camp Whippernock, which is a campground located in Sutherland, Virginia. Throughout the whole road trip, there were good and bad experiences, but they made it home safe and sound.

Brashaw had a lot to say about the road trip in general. “We decided to take this road trip because we had really started to miss Nate and we just decided to go for it and take the trip. Even though the bad things definitely outweighed the good, we had a lot of fun and it was a learning experience for all of us.” Brashawcontinued to talk about making great timing because of Aaron’s 30 miles per hour over the speed limit, running “a few” red lights, and some of the other things they did while on the trip. “We went to a driving range while on this trip. It turns out we are all a lot better golfers than we thought. We also went to Sky Zone and Nate sprained his ankle and hit a five-year-old in the face.” 

Ben March also had a lot to say about how this road trip went. “One thing I really enjoyed about the trip was when Curtis’ cousins let us stay at their house. They cooked us a five-star meal and it was absolutely delicious. At Sky Zone, Curtis got scared of heights and couldn’t get down from one of the climbing walls. Aaron also fell off a bridge while running over our trip. Don’t worry, he is perfectly fine.” The biggest thing that Ben talked about was how the shocks in Aaron’s car went out while they were driving through Virginia. 

Even though the trip was a lot of fun, Curtis and Ben were both kind of upset that they missed the shark football team’s first win of the season. 

Both of them really thought this was a very good learning experience for both of them. “Over the course of the trip, we learned a lot. Virginia people are not attractive and West Virginia is very scary. We have also both agreed to never step in a car with Aaron Bowerman. On the other hand, it was very rewarding for both of us to see Nate doing so well.”