SLHS counselors help guide students through high school


Olivia Good

Miss Navarro sits with a student in her office.

Olivia Good, Writer

The 2022-23 school year is in full swing at St. Louis High School and sometimes that means that students will struggle. There are a lot of issues that arise with a new school year, and some of these issues include stress and getting overwhelmed. These issues may cause students to feel alone or behind. At St. Louis High School there are many counselors that you could talk to. One such new face is Miss Brittany Navarro along with student advisor Jeff Oswald. 

Ms. Navarro subbed a lot before last school year and knew a lot of the staff and the students. “This is where I grew up, so I am very familiar with the area and the school in general. I was looking forward to coming back and working with kids and the staff that I knew and grew up with. My favorite part of my job is that not every day is the same. Every day presents new struggles and new challenges with different students,” said Navarro. She was undecided on what age group she wanted to be a counselor for. Ultimately, she decided on high school kids for many reasons. “I chose to be at the high school because this is the stage in life where students start to find themselves and figure out who they are and who they want to be. I wanted to be able to help out students in finding themselves and seeing them grow as a person. Plus, there is a higher level of maturity level in the high school than there is anywhere else,” commented Navarro. 

Mr. Oswald has been a part of the St. Louis Public School system for many years. He has also been active in the community and was head of the Baptist Children’s Home and was a football coach for the Sharks’ football team. “This was the job I have been looking for and when Mrs. McKittrick called and told me to apply for the position I jumped at the opportunity. I was really excited to be back working one-on-one with young people. My favorite part of my job is investing in young people’s lives. I like to see the future of these students and see what they want to be and what they will become,” said Oswald. He has always been more involved in the high school than any other school in the district. “I chose to be a counselor in the high school because during the four years of high school, it is a very life-changing experience. Students start to decide who they are and who they want to be. I like to be able to help these students through figuring out who they are.”

These two new counselors in the St. Louis High School have helped a lot of students through tough times already. They are both welcoming to all students who might need someone to talk to.