SLHS Financial Management class takes a field trip


Courtesy Photo

Mrs. Biehl’s fifth hour stands together after their field trip to the bank.

Bee Elsea, Writer

Field trips were a middle and elementary school thing, but St. Louis seniors got their chance at a new field trip to the Huntington Bank on Oct. 5.

Mrs. Biehl’s financial management classes took a walk to the Huntington Bank, which is down the road from St. Louis High School to learn about bank accounts, and how the banking world works. One of the things the guest speaker – Melissa Conn, a 20-year-employee, talked about was how easily people get scammed. Conn explained, “One of the most common group of people is elderly people, or recently widowed people who are alone and upset.” She also explained that scammers can exploit people for almost years before he or her strikes and empties the victims bank account. 

Biehl said that she is always worried about student behavior. Yet, Biehl’s worries were merely just that, worries. “I was very pleased with how the students behaved and interacted while on the field trip. They asked lots of questions,” she said. 

When asked what she would do differently for next years trip to the bank, Biehl said said would like to have more time for students during the trips. She said she would also like to try to set students up for accounts with the bank while they are there. She also shared, “It is nice to take students out to meet with people at the bank. They learn about different services that are offered to them and hopefully feel more comfortable going there in the near future to setup accounts.”

Students enjoyed the time out and want more hands-on activities for the year. “I felt the trip was educational and gave students more of a personal experience. I hope we do more of the hands-on activities in the future,” Juliana Meza said.